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6th October 2014

We made it!

Mike, David and I finished the Bournemouth marathon, and we all made it before the sweeper bus.

3rd October 2014

Bournemouth here we come!

Two days to go until Mike Grocott, David Howard and I line up to run the Bournemouth marathon.

10th September 2014

I am losing the battle!

Mike has thrown down the gauntlet.

2nd June 2013

The Joys of Shipping

Work is still going on behind the scenes in Nepal as all of the equipment now has to find its way back to the UK.

20th May 2013

EBC team arrive back in Kathmandu

The Everest base camp investigator team has arrived back in Kathmandu and are currently in the Kathmandu laboratory.

6th May 2013

End of Trekker Testing at Everest Base Camp

Thursday was a momentous day for the Xtreme Everest 2 Everest base camp team. The 1st of May 2013 signified the last day of trekker testing at 5300m.

23rd July 2014

Raising money for our Sherpas

Raising money for our Sherpas

4th May 2013

An update from Everest base camp

The Base Camp team and trekkers are still working hard to collect copious amounts of data at 5300m.

27th April 2013

Feeling “Run Down” An Everest half marathon

As our testing at Everest base camp draws to a close, the investigator team is beginning to get itchy feet.

24th April 2013

Mountaineering Moustache Madness

Cabin fever has well and truly set in at Everest Base Camp. The team have turned to desperate measures to find entertainment. Our latest fad, ridiculous facial hair!

23rd April 2013

Food at Base Camp

Living at 5300m for over 2 months, many of the base camp team were unsure what to expect from the food we would be eating.

19th April 2013

Day in the life of a Base Camp Investigator

It may be hard to imagine what it is like to spend over 2 months living at 5300m. Therefore, we thought it might be interesting to explain a bit about how we live on a testing day at Everest Base Camp...

19th April 2013

High and Mighty, Mitochondria at Altitude

When we breathe in air, the oxygen within it begins a journey. It travels down our trachea and into the lungs, where it passes into the bloodstream.

14th April 2013

Trek I have arrived in Namche

Trek I have arrived in Namche at a very opportune time. It has allowed us to photograph our oldest and our youngest trekker together.

13th April 2013

Exercise testing in Namche Bazaar

The Namche Investigators have been putting each other on the exercise bikes recently to undertake VO2 max tests

10th April 2013

We have tested more than 100 subjects

We have tested more than 100 subjects during the XE2 expedition now.

9th April 2013

Return to the Pheriche Backgammon Club

I left Pheriche one Monday morning March on a medical escort to Namche, leaving group D in the care of Gabriel and Sarah.

4th April 2013

Trekking with Sherpa Trek C to Everest Base Camp

On 16th March 2013 Sherpa Trek C departed from Kathmandu airport to begin their journey to Base Camp.

28th March 2013

Food, Glorious Food!

It is 11.30 in the morning and Jildou and I have been reviewing the state of the snack barrel at Namche.

21st March 2013

Testing the third group of Sherpa trekkers in Namche.

This week we started testing the third group of Sherpa trekkers in Namche.

13th March 2013

Christina Dougall describes the trek from Namche to Pheriche

After leaving Namche Bazaar and two successful days of EBC investigator team testing, we spent the next two days trekking to Pheriche (4240m) to acclimatise.

13th March 2013

The Milk Tray man is here

I am sitting in the sun on the terrace of the Sherwi Khangba with Professor David Howard.

11th March 2013

Dr Gabriel Jones enjoys the morning in Namche Bazaar

The morning sun creeps in through the thick frost on the inside of my window.

9th March 2013

The start of the XE2 expedtion (an EBC team member’s perspective)

The first two days that the XE2 team spent in Kathmandu (KTM) in the Summit Hotel were fast paced but lots of fun.

28th February 2013

Thirteen hours to go

Thirteen hours to go until the official start of XE2

9th December 2012

Lode Visit

A trip to Lode to pick up our refurbished Corival bikes just before Sea Level Testing.

24th November 2012

Into Thin Air

With 100 days to go, the team take a trip to Andy Elson's hypobaric chamber.

22nd November 2012

Ice Climbing Trip

The XE2 team take a trip to do some Ice Climbing, but don't travel quite as far as one might expect.

18th November 2012

Siemens Visit

The XE2 Team take a visit to Siemens to learn about their blood gas machines.

6th November 2012

White Van Man

Brad and Jimmy are competing for the title of White Van man!

23rd October 2012

Measuring the level of haemoglobin in our blood

The Xtreme Everest 2 team traveled to the English Institute of Sport at Loughborough University to learn an exciting new way to measure the level of haemoglobin in our blood.

15th October 2012

Dr Dan Martin is showcased alongside Yuri Gagarin and Scott of the Antarctic

Dr Dan Martin, Expedition Leader for Xtreme Everest 2, shares the stage with the likes of Yuri Gagarin and Captain Scott in this BBC article:

1st October 2012

Tom Adams writes about getting involved with XE2

I leapt at the chance to study CASE's 'Space and Extreme Environment Medicine' module during my Physiology BSc at UCL.

22nd June 2012

Interviews for investigators

We have started interviewing for investigators for the XE 2 expedition next year

10th June 2012

Summer Study

Dr Ned Gilbert has been working flat out on our summer pilot studies.

1st June 2012

Kay's Jubilee Blog

It is Friday evening at the beginning of the Jubilee weekend, and I am tying up loose ends from a very busy week.

22nd May 2012

Blog from Namche

We are sitting in the Everest Bakery in Namche having just walked down from the Everest View Hotel.

18th May 2012

A busy summer is looming

The Xtreme Everest team are gearing up for another summer of data collection.