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11th September 2015

Xtreme Runner's reach £1000

We're 10% of the way to our £10k goal!

24th August 2015

Third of the In Conversation With... published

Dr Gilbert - Kawai speaks to Jim Milledge as part of his In Conversation... series

19th August 2015

Sponsor the Xtreme Runners now!

Xtreme Everest will be running the Bournemouth Marathon in October

19th August 2015

Join us for the next CASE meeting

Liesl will be showing us her muscles in September

14th August 2015

Still time to sign up to run with Xtreme Everest

The Xtreme Everest team will be running in the Bournemouth Marathon again this year.

6th July 2015

Second In Conversation With... piece published

Dr Ned Gilbert-Kawai continues his interviews with John Burnard West

1st July 2015

Come and run with Xtreme Everest!

The Xtreme Everest team will be running in the Bournemouth Marathon again this year.

30th June 2015

In conversation with...

Xtreme Everest's Dr Gilbert-Kawai turns interviewer for new series of papers

22nd June 2015

Xtreme Everest delve into the archives for a story of XE past

We take a look at our archives, starting with Dr Jim Milledge and his medical research expedition experience

22nd June 2015

Professor Mike Grocott talks leadership with the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust

Xtreme Everestâs Professor Mike Grocott was invited to speak to a group of former Olympians by the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust at an event held at the Institute of Sport Exercise and Health on the 10 June.

9th June 2015

Xtreme web chat with Dr Martin at the ISEH

Xtreme Everest's Dan Martin joined the Institute of Sport Exercise and Health this morning for their monthly web chat.

8th June 2015

Running donations help bring support to those in Nepal

Funds raised by Xtreme Everest from the 2014 Bournemouth Marathon have been used to support Summit Nepal Trekking staff to help rebuild their own villages and improve the lives of those affected.

3rd June 2015

Film Night to help raise funds for Nepal

Join both Porters Progress UK and International Porter Protection Group (IPPG), in conjunction with Community Action Nepal (CAN) for their special Best of Kendal Mountain Film Festival.

3rd June 2015

Mark Peters talks Fortunes' Fool

Join Professor Mark Peters on the 9 June at the Institute of Child Health in London as he talks "Fortune's Fool".

3rd June 2015

From Fire to Ice expedition update

The From Fire to Ice team, who Xtreme Everest Investigator Dr Andre Vercueil is part of, has recently released their latest expedition video.

12th May 2015

Namche Bazaar close to centre of latest earthquake

Namche Bazaar close to centre of latest earthquake

27th April 2015

Devastating earthquake in Nepal

The recent events in Nepal have been devastating and tragic.

26th March 2015

The wonderful world of blood and Xtreme Everest

Xtreme Everestâs Dr Dan Martin and Dr Edward (Ned) Gilbert-Kawai featured on the recent BBC Four documentary âThe Wonderful World of Blood with Dr Michael Mosleyâ.

5th March 2015

XE's First School Engagement Day

The first Xtreme Everest school engagement day took place in February and turned out to be a huge success.

5th March 2015

New systematic review by XE doctors published in Sports Med

A new systematic review paper by Xtreme Everest doctors has recently been published in Sports Meds.

5th February 2015

XE's Dan Martin visits Norway for a series of lectures

Dr Martin recently visited St Olavs Hospital in Trondheim, Norway for a series of lectures about Xtreme Everest's work.

15th January 2015

UCL Centre for Anaesthesia celebrates 15 years

Xtreme Everest team offers congratulations to Professor Mythen and colleagues on 15 yearsâ worth of achievements

8th January 2015

From Fire to Ice - XE Investigator takes on a new Xtreme challenge

Xtreme Everestâs Investigator Dr Andre Vercueil is embarking on a new journey across the South Pole to further understand how the human body reacts to extremes of stress.

25th June 2014

XE Bournemouth Marathon Festival Bonanza

XE team members sign up to run for Sherpas

18th April 2014

Fatal Avalanche on Everest

We have just received the tragic news that a number of Sherpas were killed in an avalanche on Everest this morning.

17th April 2014

Clues to Type 2 diabetes discovered on Mount Everest

Study results are reported by journalists from around the globe

7th April 2014

Educational App Store supports Namche Primary School

Xtreme Everest are delighted to help put Educational App Store in touch with Namche Primary School

21st February 2014

CXE Research Leader on Desert Island Discs

Professor Hugh Montgomery features on Sunday

11th February 2014

Become an Ambassador for Xtreme Everest

Help improve outcomes for critically ill patients

12th December 2013

Dark Ice Project

Xtreme Everest are delighted to announce their involvement with the Dark Ice project where four polar athletes will be making their way to the North Pole and back in the darkness of winter.

1st October 2013

Extreme Summits - BFI celebrates 60th anniversary of first ascent of Everest

'Great things are done when men and mountains meet/ this is not done by jostling in the street' - William Blake

18th September 2013

The Final Push

Thanks to thousands of donations, over £870,000 has been raised to fund this fieldwork. We now need a further £250,000 to ensure that the information gathered is scrutinized properly to save lives in the future.

18th July 2013

CXE trekker publishes novel about the Battle of Britain

CXE trekker publishes novel about the Battle of Britain

15th July 2013

Hear Expedition Leader Dr Dan Martin speak about XE2 on August 8th.

Dr Dan Martin has been invited to speak about Xtreme Everest 2 at The Royal Free Hospital.

1st July 2013

Recent XE 2 media coverage

Xtreme Everest 2 has been enjoying media attention recently.

7th June 2013

Opening of the MRC-NIHR Phenome Centre

Dan Martin, Mike Grocott and Andrew Murray attended the official opening of the MRC-NIHR Phenome Centre at Hammersmith Hospital

6th June 2013

Xtreme Team Celebrate Everest Diamond Jubilee

Members of the Xtreme Everest 2 research team joined climbers, Sherpas and diplomats at a reception at the British Embassy in Kathmandu on Wednesday 29th May, 2013, to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the first ascent of Everest by Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa.

17th May 2013

How many Trekkers and Investigators suffered with the KHUMBU COUGH !?â

Now that the very successful Xtreme-Everest 2 scientific expedition is nearing its end, many of our wonderful trekkers and investigators will have already returned home and others will be in the final stages back in Kathmandu.

11th May 2013

Namche Community Spirit

Recently, the XE2 website has been running stories about some of the institutions that have been set up in Namche.

7th May 2013

Namche Youth Group

The breakfast room of the Khumbu lodge in Namche overlooks the town beautifully, as it is built in the centre of the âhorseshoe shapedâ excavation of the hill.

5th May 2013

The Shree Himalaya Primary School, Namche Bazaar

Namche has a primary school, a ârespectableâ primary school, as that is what âShreeâ means.

3rd May 2013

The âDreadedâ Muscle Biopsy

The details of our muscle biopsy research are a common source of questions and debate within the investigator group and our wonderful cohort of trekkers.

2nd May 2013

Namche Dental Clinic

The Namche Dental Clinic was founded in 1991 with support from the American Himalayan Foundation (USA).

27th April 2013

An introduction to the Hypoxic Ventilatory Response study

The Hypoxic Ventilatory Response (HVR) study investigates how individuals alter their breathing in response to reduced levels of oxygen (hypoxia).

24th April 2013

The Hospital at Namche Bazaar

Namche Bazar is the economical capital of the khumbu valley, the home region of the Sherpa people.

19th April 2013

An update from Base Camp

The Base Camp team are now halfway through our time at 5300m, therefore we thought we would send an update on what has been going on at Everest Base Camp.

18th April 2013

Introducing the Base Camp Team

Introducing the Base Camp Team

7th April 2013

Mike and Ken tell us why they support Xtreme Everest

It is 2006. Mike Teanby, engineer by trade, but by then working as a manager in a big retail company, reads the Saturday newspaper.

30th March 2013

Sherpa Trek A finishes testing in the Khumbu

Last Wednesday we could welcome the first trek returning safely to our âbaseâafter completing the hike to, and all their testing at, Everest Base Camp.

30th March 2013

Update from Everest Base Camp

The base camp laboratory has been running for over a week now.

21st March 2013

The highest functioning medical research laboratory of its kind

The Xtreme Everest base camp has turned from a pile of boxes and barrels into the world's highest, fully functioning medical research laboratory of its kind.

21st March 2013

First non-Nepali trekkers have arrived in Nepal

Thirteen non-Nepali trekkers arrived in Kathmandu over the weekend and were welcomed to the Summit Hotel with a Puja (blessing ceremony) on Sunday evening (17th March).

20th March 2013

The Sherpas have started trekking in the Khumbu for Xtreme Everest

The first sherpa trek started trekking from Lukla on Tuesday 12th March with Dr Andre Vercueil (Caudwell Xtreme Everest 2007 climbing team) leading and Ang Gyaljen Sherpa as the sirdar.

17th March 2013

Thu Che (Thank you in the Sherpa language)

The XE2 team wish to say a massive thank you to all our supporters who have been donating via our website

10th March 2013

Sherpa Testing commences in XE2 Kathmandu Laboratory

The first two days of Sherpa testing have been completed in Kathmandu.

10th March 2013

Kathmandu Laboratory testing

Testing in the Kathmandu laboratory is continuing on schedule with the completion of testing on 30 subjects by close of play yesterday.

10th March 2013

Sherpa Testing commences in XE2 Kathmandu Laboratory

The first two days of Sherpa testing have been completed in Kathmandu.

26th February 2013

Kathmandu Laboratory Build

The XE2 Logistics team have finished building the Kathmandu Laboratory

22nd February 2013

XE2 Logistics team arrives in Nepal

XE2 Logistics team arrives in Nepal along with members of the Kathmandu Laboratory team

16th January 2013

Josh Lewsey MBE joins Xtreme Everest 2

2003 Rugby World Cup Winner and mountaineer, Josh Lewsey, joins the Xtreme Everest 2 team as an ambassador.

10th December 2012

Studying epigenetic changes to low oxygen levels

In collaboration with the Duke Center for Hyperbaric Medicine and Environmental Physiology, the Xtreme Everest 2 team are simulating next Spring's trek in Nepal.

8th December 2012

Sea Level Testing has begun!

One week into Sea Level Testing and media interest is rising.

23rd October 2012

Intensive care 'has lasting impact on mental health'

Some 55% of people who survive intensive care treatment go on to develop psychological disorders.

15th October 2012

Simulated Altitude Sherpa Study

Over the last few weeks, the Xtreme Everest 2 team have been working hard in a lab in Archway in a hypoxia chamber conducting a study on Sherpas and lowlanders.

9th October 2012

Professor Hugh Montgomery talks to BBC Radio 4

Hugh Montgomery talks to 'The Life Scientific' about the gene for fitness and how mountaineers have influenced intensive care medicine.

28th September 2012

Plane crash in Nepal

The Xtreme Everest 2 team were saddened to hear of the fatal plane crash in Nepal yesterday.

6th September 2012

Xtreme Everest researchers launch new Ejournal

Professor Mike Grocott and Professor Hugh Montgomery launched a new Ejournal this week

28th August 2012

Xtreme Everest 2 medical research treks

Xtreme Everest are delighted to launch booking for our 2013 medical research treks to Everest Base Camp.

22nd June 2012

Presentation by Dr Jim Milledge

Professor Jim Milledge speaks to CASE medicine members about the Silver Hut and AMREE expeditions

19th May 2012

KnO2wledge VII

Xtreme Everest and The Mountain Medicine Society of Nepal held a one-day conference at the Summit Hotel, Kathmandu, Nepal today.

9th May 2012

Kn02wledge VII Programme

Joint meeting of Xtreme Everest and the Nepal Mountain Medicine Society. Kathmandu, Nepal.

27th April 2012

Do children respond differently from adults to low oxygen levels?

Xtreme Everest plans to take children aged 8 and over on a research expedition to the Everest region next year.

7th February 2012

Dr Dan Martin featured in BBC programme

Dr Dan Martin, one of our Senior Lecturers will be featuring in a programme on BBC2.